Artist  ●  Sculptor

Jane Jobling

My sculptures can seem quite varied but for the past twenty years I have been continuously making work about boundaries, edges and surfaces so that I can explore enclosing and revealing space.

Nature, natural forms and materials play an increasingly important role in informing my work.

Three-dimensional collage of a wasp nest
Three-dimensional collage of a wasp nest


Comb, 2023

Paper and Hazel Branch
H70 x W280 x D45cm

Standard Adaption, 2023

Found Object, Recycled Sculptures and Envelopes
H185 x W65 x D60cm

After Polybia Scutellaris

Handmade Paper and Hazel Branch
42 x 73 x 58cm

What We Have In Common, 2022

Steel and Polycarbonate
220 x 300 x 200cm

Learning To Lean, 2023

Paper and Purpose Made Plinth
H112 x W32 x D32cm


New Tropic 7

H34 x W42 x W34cm