Together We Rise, Chichester Cathedral



Leading Sculptors React to Pandemic Isolation in New Exhibition

During this challenging period, a group of sculptors, all members of the Royal Society of Sculptors, met online. These Zoom meetings were a great platform for keeping in touch, during 2020-2021 for supporting each other, for sharing ideas as well as an opportunity for discussing obstacles like self-doubt and anxieties through an extremely difficult time.

The resulting work, collected for this unique exhibition, is an expression of these meetings, showing the result of the conquering of demons and obstructions that this sharing enabled. Many participants expressed that although the Covid Pandemic was a challenging time for them, the group supported and helped many to see past these obstacles to create new, inspired works, often working in a new way and in collaborations with other members.

This exhibition, curated by Jacqueline Creswell, Visual Arts Advisor, has been inspired by hope and resilience and a firm belief in the positive side of human nature, making us aware of our vulnerability as well as illuminating our humanity. The various works reflect the way these artists dealt with their journey through a Pandemic, empowering them to harness inner strength and create works of art that reflect this episode in our history.

The work reflects sustainability in the Arts: physically, conceptually, and financially.

Title: What We Have In Common


In What We Have In Common I’m drawing with wire and then colouring in areas. I am exploring individual and shared spaces created by two intersecting spheres. This idea relates to Venn diagrams, symmetry, asymmetry, the revisions the Cathedral has had over the centuries altering its central point and the real connections and virtual shared space in our RSS group Zoom meetings.